​​5 Tips for teaching kids to brush

​​5 Tips for teaching kids to brush

Posted by AMAYA DENTAL on Dec 23 2021, 06:20 AM

According to dental statistics, more than 40% of children develop cavities by the time they are ready to start kindergarten. If you do not want your child to end up in this category, teach him to brush properly today. Cultivating the habit of brushing twice a day for two minutes can definitely prove excellent dental health in the long run. Not only that, baby teeth are vital for adult teeth formation.

However, the process of teaching a kid to brush is not exactly that straightforward. So we have compiled 5 very useful tips to make the process more enjoyable.

1. Make it a Family Activity

Kids learn more by watching what their parents do. So make this a family habit. Start by brushing your teeth along with your toddler, and show him the different brush strokes used for different parts of the teeth. 

Explain these basic things –

  • Each tooth should be brushed
  • Bring up the brush from the gums to the chewing line
  • Brush on top of the chewing surfaces
  • Do not miss brushing the roof of the mouth and the tongue.
  • Whatever be the case, make sure you stick to a regular routine.

2. Rule of Two 

Introduce your kids to the “rule of two” i.e brush for 2 minutes twice a day. You can set a timer or play a song. This way your kid will continue brushing for a full two minutes. Following the rule of two daily will develop the habit in your kid. Once it becomes a habit your kid will always stick to it. 

3. Offer Distractions

It’s not easy to make a kid brush for two-minutes, especially a 3 or 4- year-old. Hence, it’s a good idea to arrange some distractions. Try telling your child a story, play music, or give him his favourite toy to hold. Keep talking to him about how he is getting rid of all the “bad cavities” inside the mouth.

4. Understand your Child’s Preferences

It’s important to know your child’s preference. Some babies may love a particular toothpaste flavor, some may enjoy making bubbles, and some others might need attractive toothbrushes, etc. Try and arrange whatever your toddler loves while brushing her teeth, as this will motivate her to brush.

5. Make Learning Fun

Stop giving instructions to your kids and make learning a fun process. This can have a great impact on your kids. You can make brushing fun by -

  • Playing a game while brushing
  • Make your body move or dance with a piece of music for 2 minutes
  • Make toothpaste bubbles
  • Set a reward 
  • Get the toothpaste and toothbrush of your child’s choice

At Amaya Dental, we offer preventive dentistry services that include regular screening for cavities and gum diseases. If you are looking to bring your child for a quick dental check up, please contact our office in Miami at (305) 264-2711 and our office in Pembroke Pines, Florida, at (954) 963-3383.






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