COVID-19 Precautions

At Amaya Dental, we are dedicated to the safety of our patients and staff. We have taken certain infection control measures to make your visits to our office as safe as possible.

We strictly follow the guidelines provided by the ADA, CDC, and OSHA as part of the infection control procedures. We stay up-to-date on any new guidance provided by these agencies.

Have a look at the changes we implemented in our office to help protect our patients and staff:

Pre-Screen Every Patient

We will ask you some pre-screening questions when we confirm your appointment and again when you arrive at the office. We will also check your temperature upon arrival.

Compulsorily Wear a Mask

Make sure to wear a mask whenever you arrive at the dental office.

Sanitize Hands

When you enter the office, we will ask you to use a hand sanitizer, and also, you can find some in each operatory room and other places in the office which you can use according to the necessity.

PPE and Staff

We have reinforced our staff and doctor PPE barriers. We also keep in check the temperature of our staff members twice a day and monitor for any symptoms.

Sterilizing Instruments

All dental instruments in our practice are sterilized. This is something we practice ever since we opened the dental office.

Air Filteration

We have enhanced our office air filtration system. This system circulates and removes aerosols every 15 minutes, including the viral particles. It can also help reduce the spread of airborne pollutants and focus on providing protective hygiene.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us right away.


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