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Dental crowns, to put it simply, are caps which cover a tooth whose appearance or functionality has been compromised. Unlike temporary solutions such as dentures which can be removed, crowns are permanent fixtures which are cemented on your tooth and can be removed only by a dentist.

When it comes to the highest quality ceramic, resin and porcelain crowns, patients can place their trust in Amaya Dental, where our team of skilled and experienced professionals will ensure your dental health and hygiene are in the care of good hands.

While in most cases, crowns are used to cover or “crown” a tooth that has been damaged in one way or another, they also provide strength and improve the overall appearance. Read on to find out more about dental crowns, how to tell if you need them, the different types, benefits and more.


There can be various reasons why you may need a crown. It is highly recommended that you consult our dentists for professional advice and guidance on the best ceramic, resin, and porcelain crowns.

However, to give you a brief understanding, here are the most common reasons why people may need dental crowns.

    • You may need crowns if you have cracked or weakened teeth or when the structure of your tooth is compromised in general.
    • You may need crowns for cosmetic reasons. For instance, you may have a tooth that is discolored, chipped, or badly shaped, and getting a crown can greatly improve the aesthetic appearance of your tooth, giving you a beautiful smile.
    • You may also need a crown if you have had root canal treatment. In such cases, the crown is used to cover and provide strength and protection to the treated tooth.
    • You may need a crown if you have undergone a dental implant. The crown will act as a protection for the implant after it is placed into the jawbone. This allows you to chew without any issues.
    • You may need a dental crown if you have missing tooth/teeth and you need to attach a bridge. The crowns hold the artificial teeth or pontics in place.
    • You may also need a crown if you don’t have enough remaining teeth but have to replace a large filling.


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The different types of dental crowns are categorized based on the material they are made from. At Amaya Dental, your dentist will help you decide which is the best crown type for you based on your condition, your goals, and your budget.

This is the best option, and also usually the most expensive. All-ceramic or all-porcelain crowns provide you with a natural-looking appearance as the colors match your natural teeth. They are also the ideal option if you are allergic to metals.

These types of crowns are a more affordable option, as they are made entirely from resin. However, the downside is that they are more vulnerable to wear and tear in the long run compared to other crown options such as ceramic or porcelain-fused-to-metal.

This type of crown connects the porcelain to a metal structure, making it durable and strong. They are a great option for either front or back teeth or when you need a bridge. The color can also be made to look similar to the neighboring teeth.


Generally, you will have to make two trips to the dentist’s office if you need to get crowns for your tooth/teeth. During your first visit to Amaya Dental, your dentist will examine your tooth carefully, prepare it to receive the crown, and take impressions to create the crown. First, your tooth must be reduced in size so that the crown will be able to fit correctly. So, your dentist will remove the outer portions of your tooth, along with decays, if there are any.

Next, an impression of your tooth is taken to use as a model for the crown, and sent to a dental lab, along with specifications such as the choice of material. Your dentist will create a temporary crown for your tooth using either stainless steel or acrylic-based material. This will protect the prepared tooth until the permanent crown is ready.

The permanent crown will take no more than two weeks to arrive, at which time you will have to visit Amaya Dental again. Your dentist will fix the new crown on your tooth and make any required adjustment. The crown is then cemented when you and your dentist feel everything is satisfactory.



Dental crowns have multiple benefits, both functional and aesthetic, for your teeth. Whether your crown covers the entire tooth or only part of the tooth, as in the case of 3-quarter crowns and onlays, they offer various advantages which are described below.

  • Crowns help restore or create a beautiful smile.
  • Crowns provide protection and strength to a damaged tooth. In other words, it enhances functionality.
  • Crowns are suitable for covering a discolored, misshapen or misaligned tooth.
  • Crowns are customized just for you so you won’t have any issues regarding comfort or preference. There is a dental crown to suit everyone’s needs.
  • Crowns are extremely durable, often lasting an entire lifetime. However, you will have to visit the dentist from time to time.
  • Crowns require only a simple procedure that is minimally invasive.
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