The most popular orthodontic treatment today


No braces, no metal, no fuss


Invisalign is the most popular treatment in the world of dentistry as an alternative procedure for teeth alignment as compared to the traditional metallic braces.

At Amaya Dental, our team of experienced dentists offers you the most effective Invisalign in Miami and Pembroke Pines.

Invisalign is essentially a dental device that is made from clear plastic and fitted on to the teeth. Invisalign mimics the function of the traditional braces, without appearing as though you have anything fitted on your teeth. The invisibility of these orthodontic devices makes them a popular choice among people who have to undergo orthodontic treatment for the alignment of their teeth.

We strive to give you a perfect smile all the while making sure that the transition is as effortless as possible. Our state-of-the-art treatment facilities make sure that you are relaxed and at ease while you are with us. Our treatments are designed to offer you the best possible results on your terms.


Amaya Dental: proven, experienced Invisalign providers

Invisalign does not work equally well for all individuals. For instance, a patient with a very severe overbite might first need to get a jaw redefining treatment before he or she proceeds with treatment using Invisalign.

Invisalign works excellent for people with mild to moderate overbites, crooked teeth, crossbites, and overcrowded teeth. It also works well when there are gaps between the teeth.


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The first step to treatment using Invisalign is a dental consultation. All the doctors at Amaya Dental are experienced in the field of dental alignment and have brought about some of the best results with Invisalign patients have seen.

Your dentist will explain the nuances of the treatment and using digital imagery, will give you a glimpse of what Invisalign treatment will look like. The next course of action is to get an impression of your teeth. The impression will determine the exact nature of your teeth and the extent of treatment that will be needed in your case. Using this information, your dentist will outline a customized treatment plan.

The next step is to develop the Invisalign device itself. Your dental impressions are sent to the lab where a perfectly fitting device will be developed for you. Invisalign is created using cutting-edge technology and using a material that is biocompatible and highly comfortable. The material is molded to fit your teeth perfectly and then trimmed according to your gum line.


On average, Invisalign treatments can take a little over a year to achieve optimal results. The treatment time also varies according to the extent of correction that is required.

The aligners shift your teeth very subtly, and you will need a change of aligners every two weeks.

Invisalign works for both adults and teens and is especially beneficial for adults who need to straighten their teeth. There is no obstruction to your daily activities since the aligners are invisible and you can hardly feel their presence.


No more braces: Teens and adults alike fear the day they get metallic braces on their teeth. They are not very pleasing to look at and can make you look quite unattractive. In addition, the metal brackets and wires are not very kind to the delicate skin inside your mouth, and you end up with mouth ulcers and sore gums almost every time you go in for tightening them. Invisalign offers complete freedom from all such woes. Being highly transparent, you don’t have to worry about giving a wide-open smile. The aligners are barely visible. The durable plastic material is kinder to the skin, and there are zero scars or ulcers.

Treatment is quicker: Unlike metallic braces that need to stay on for at least two years for complete and long-lasting results, Invisalign delivers results rather quickly. Not only do you not have to walk around in embarrassment, but you can also get perfectly aligned teeth within as short of a timeframe as possible. Depending on the extent of correction, Invisalign can show results in less than a year.



With traditional braces, eating food is an embarrassing task, especially when eating food in public. Any food you eat ends up getting stuck within the braces and smiling after you have finished a meal is a nightmare. Metallic braces mean you can’t afford to open your mouth until you have rushed to a washroom and rinsed your mouth until each bracket is completely free of any remnants of your meal.

With Invisalign, there are no such qualms. You can just remove your aligners and keep them aside when you are eating. All of the benefits of traditional braces with none of the mess.

When it comes to brushing your teeth, everything is so much easier than when brushing with metallic braces on. You don’t have to reach in between the nooks and crannies of your metal braces. Instead, the removability of your aligners makes cleaning your teeth a relatively simple task.

You can also keep it aside when you are involved in sports to avoid any damage to your aligners.

Here at Amaya Dental, we ensure you understand how to take care of your aligners, so you get the best results. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.


Invisalign is a largely computerized treatment. The entire process is kickstarted with the help of digital scans and 3D imaging. This gives you a very clear idea on the course of your treatment and how your teeth are progressing with each session of the treatment. You can visualize exactly what is going on with your teeth, unlike with a metallic brace which is more of a trial and error situation.


Ultimately, it all comes down to how your teeth look. With Invisalign, there is a pronounced change to your teeth. Overcrowded teeth and any gaps between teeth are treated. The teeth are made to shift gradually and, in the end, you are left with a set of perfectly aligned, closely set teeth. The results are more than satisfactory and leave you with a dazzling smile. Contact our Miami or Pembroke Pines office today!