Restoring your teeth with cosmetic dentistry



Dental veneers are thin layers of tooth-colored materials which are custom-made to provide the teeth with a more aesthetically-appealing appearance, while at the same time, providing strength. Veneers are bonded to the tooth front so that they drastically change their overall appearance.

As such, veneers are a common solution for people who wish to improve their smile and the appearance of their teeth. At Amaya Dental, our team of skilled and experienced professionals provides some of the best dental veneers. We will provide you with various high-quality veneer options you can choose from to suit your current condition, what you wish to achieve as well as your budget.


You may need to get dental veneers placed for a variety of reasons. We suggest that you speak to the professionals at Amaya Dental to determine if veneers are the right choice for you. Below, we list out some of the most common reasons why people need veneers.

  • You may need veneers if you have a tooth that is discolored or stained and does not match the color of your other teeth. It will act as a layer which covers the discolored tooth. Veneers are custom-made especially for you, which means that you can have it made to match the natural color of your teeth.
  • You may need veneers if you have a chipped or broken tooth. The veneer will add a new layer to the front of your tooth, making it look more appealing.
  • Veneers are great solutions for tooth/teeth which are misaligned, crooked or misshapen, without having to undergo more complicated procedures.
  • If you have a gap between two or more upper teeth, then veneers are a great option for you. They help to cover up the gap when they are placed on the front of your teeth.
  • Veneers are great for anyone who wishes to improve the aesthetic appearance of their teeth and improve their smile.


There are two main types of veneers, and they are differentiated based on the material they are made from. These are porcelain veneers and composite resin veneers.

Porcelain veneers
These are the most common type of veneers used across the globe. They are extremely durable, usually lasting for 10 to 20 years. Porcelain veneers are custom-made to fit the concerned tooth, and they add strength and resilience to the tooth in addition to covering the discoloration, stain, chip, misalignment, and so on.

A huge advantage of porcelain veneers is that they have a natural appearance and it is next to impossible to differentiate them from your real teeth. In addition, they do not stain easily which means that you’ll have whiter, brighter looking teeth for a longer time. At Amaya Dental, we strongly recommend porcelain veneers for anyone looking to improve the appearance and functionality of their compromised teeth.

Composite resin veneers
As the name suggests, these are made from resin. They are tooth-colored and are bonded to the front of the tooth. Composite resin veneers are more affordable than porcelain veneers, however, they are not as strong, durable, and resistant to wear and tear as porcelain veneers are.

The main advantage is that less tooth enamel has to be removed compared to porcelain veneers or dental crowns. Composite resin veneers are also fairly simple to fix in case of any damage, meaning you won’t need to visit the dentist’s office so frequently.


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First and foremost, it is recommended that you consult one of our dentists who are are known for some of the best dental veneers. Make sure that you clearly communicate what you want to achieve from having the veneers placed, and what your current issue is. At this time, your dental professional at Amaya Dental will decide if veneers are the right solution for you. If not, he or she will recommend an alternative.

Then, once it is decided that veneers are right for you, your dentist will remove your teeth enamel, after which he or she will take impressions of your tooth or teeth to be sent to a dental lab, where your custom-made veneer will be created. Generally, it takes about two to four weeks to have the veneer ready at the dentist’s office. Once the veneer arrives, you will have to visit the dentist again for the bonding procedure. First, the dentist will make sure it is the right fit and matches the color of your other teeth, and will make adjustments to the veneer as required.

Next, your tooth receiving the veneer will be cleaned thoroughly and polished. It will also be etched, meaning that the surface will be roughened so that the binding is stronger. Once the veneer is positioned correctly, a special light is used to bond it to the tooth. The light beam activates certain chemicals in the veneer’s cement, causing it to harden and bond in just a few minutes. Finally, any excess cement is removed, and your dentist will see how well the veneer placing went by testing your bite, chewing, and so on.

You may have to return to the dentist’s office for a follow-up visit a few weeks after the procedure. This makes sure that you are adjusting to the veneer without any problems. The dentist will check your gums, veneer placement and more.


Below, we outline the reasons why you should have your veneers placed at Amaya Dental.

  • Veneers significantly improve your smile by making your teeth appear whiter, brighter, and more aligned.
  • If you have minor cosmetic or aesthetic dental problems, veneers are your ideal solution.
  • They do not require any downtime as the procedure is minimally invasive. You can carry on with your daily routine without having to face any issues.
  • Veneers are great if you have damaged or worn-down enamel. It is common for your teeth enamel to be worn down over the years because of your eating habits, smoking, drinking, excessive brushing and so on. Veneers act as a protective layer in cases of enamel erosion or abrasion.


Our Miami cosmetic dentists will often recommend dental veneers in combination with other cosmetic procedures as part of a smile makeover. Perhaps you have silver or amalgam dental fillings that you’d like replaced with natural, tooth-colored composites, or maybe you’d like to straighten teeth that are overlapping, crooked or have gaps in them. You may even have missing teeth that should be filled in with implants, bridges or partial dentures.

Depending on your desired image, when you receive a consultation for dental veneers, our cosmetic dentists will evaluate your facial and dental structure and discuss any other procedures that may enhance your look even further in conjunction to dental veneers.

Our goal is to help you achieve the smile you desire, and all of our recommendations are based on the most effective and economical way to accomplish this.