Maintaining oral health with regular care



Care that will make your smile last a lifetime.

Professional teeth cleaning is one of the wide-ranging services we offer at Amaya Dental. Our dental experts recommend regular deep cleaning as they know prevention is always better than cure when it comes to your oral health!

Deep dental cleaning from our experienced professionals is highly effective in removing surface stains, plaque and tartar build up. These sessions are also where our experts perform screening for oral cancer. These issues can lead to serious complications when they are not treated in time. Professional teeth cleaning is a crucial component of preventive healthcare.


Dental diseases such as gum or tooth infection are linked to chronic illnesses such as heart disease. Bleeding gums also lead to serious infections if not treated in time. Regular cleaning at Amaya Dental ensures prevention and timely treatment of all dental and oral issues leading to optimum overall health.

Professional cleaning is the best way to preserve the aesthetics of your teeth. Deep cleaning removes surface stains on teeth. Stains or discoloration of teeth occur as the tooth enamel contains tiny pores which attract color pigments in dark colored foods. Some of these foods include caffeine containing beverages like tea, coffee, or soft drinks, dark chocolate, and wine. The pigments in these foods get lodged in the tiny pores of the enamel, causing a yellowish discoloration over time. Deep cleaning at Amaya Dental is the best way to get rid of surface stains restoring your confidence in your smile.

Regular teeth cleaning saves money! Because minor issues are treated at routine teeth cleaning, you can avoid serious health consequences as well as the expenses related to managing complications.



Plaque is a sticky and soft film that houses extensive amounts of bacteria while tartar is a hard, calcified deposit on teeth. Both of these contain bacteria that can build up to dangerous levels when your teeth are not cleaned professionally. Bacterial build up causes tooth decay and serious damage to the natural structure of your tooth.

Expert dentists at Amaya Dental recommend that you schedule professional teeth cleaning every six or twelve months. Regular cleaning is highly effective in preventing occurrence or progression of periodontal, dental or oral disease. Professional teeth cleaning at Amaya Dental combined with good oral hygiene is the best way to ensure optimum dental and overall health.


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Amaya Dental is the preferred family dental care center in Miami and is proud to have a team of the most reputed dentists in Miami.

Our professionals are adept at using the most modern techniques and specialized instruments to clean your teeth professionally. While they visualize all inaccessible areas in your mouth with a mirror, they also use digital radiography or imaging as needed to ensure complete oral health.

During the process of teeth cleaning, our dental professionals examine the mouth, gums and teeth for signs of tissue irritation, swelling, boils or sores, tartar, bleeding, or decay. They then use an ultrasonic instrument to deliver gentle vibrations to loosen up and break down tartar. After this, a cool water spray washes off loose debris of tartar.

With our goal of always making you smile, our dental professionals take the utmost care to make adjustments to the ultrasonic instrument to give maximum comfort.

When the tartar pieces are loosened up, our dentists use a finer hand-held instrument to remove any tiny deposits. Each tooth is then individually scaled to ensure there are no pieces of tartar on any tooth. Our professionals finish up the process with polishing that restores the shine of your natural teeth.


Regular teeth cleaning sessions have more than one benefit. As your teeth get the most thorough professional cleaning that helps prevent serious dental diseases, these sessions are also the ideal time for oral cancer screening. Without an additional appointment, our dental professionals can screen your oral cavity for any abnormality.

Our dental experts are on the watch out for these signs:

  • Tissue that is irritated
  • Mouth sores
  • Discolored tissue patches
  • Lumps or swelling
  • Abnormalities related to texture, symmetry, and appearance
  • Any other abnormalities

Oral cancer is difficult to detect and many times in the initial stages the patient does not notice any signs of symptoms. This is where screening from our experts helps! When detected early, oral cancer has much improved survival rate. Our experienced professionals are highly skilled in identifying early signs preventing serious consequences.


When you are looking for the best of the experts to maintain your oral health, Amaya Dental is the obvious choice in Miami. Our dental experts are always happy to explain why regular teeth cleaning is important for your dental and overall health while advising on the frequency of cleaning sessions ideal for you!

Trust our reputed dentists at Amaya Dental to give the best care to ensure overall oral health. To learn more about any of our treatments, or to schedule your consultation contact us online or call our office and one of our office staff will be happy to assist you.