All on 4/6

All on 4/6

All-on-4 involves the placement of 4 implants on the ridge of a jawbone, while All-on-6 involves 6 implants. The denture-like teeth restorations would comfortably lie on these four implants, thereby providing superior anchorage, stability, functionality, and aesthetics. Dentists from all around the world widely recommend them as one of the best replacements for conventional dentures.

Why should you choose All-on-4/6?

  • The entire procedure is very quick and can be completed in as little as one visit to the dentist’s office.
  • Restoring an entire dental arch would require the fitting of just four implants to the jawbone. This results in a reduced treatment period as well as the healing period.
  • In most cases of All-on-4/6 surgeries, a bone graft would not be required.
  • Since the teeth are mounted on the implants, they stay very stable and wouldn’t slip away, as in the case of dentures.
  • You wouldn’t have to use denture adhesives while mounting the teeth.
  • The prosthetic teeth feel very comfortable in your mouth, almost as good as the natural teeth.
  • You can bite and chew food like you usually do without having to worry about the teeth breaking or getting displaced.
  • Your face would naturally start to look much fuller, thereby improving the appearance of your smile as well.


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