Botox, also known as botulinum toxin, is a protein used to treat wrinkles and fine lines on the face. It is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the facial aesthetics of the person. The treatment increases the confidence of the person regarding their appearance. Amaya Dental provides Botox treatment to patients through efficient dentists of Miami, FL.

Benefits of Botox Treatment

  • Botox provides relief to the facial muscles and reduces muscle tension.
  • The treatment helps to resolve the condition of teeth grinding and clenching in patients.
  • Botox reverses the upside-down smile that some patients may have.
  • It treats the gummy smile caused by over-exposure of gums.
  • The treatment provides corrections to puckered lips. 

The Procedure of Botox

Botox treatment is a procedure that can be performed in a single appointment at the dentistry after consultation. During the consultation, the patient is advised to avoid the consumption of certain medications to avoid complications. It is a minimally invasive surgery, and the patient does not require anesthesia. 

The patient is made to sit comfortably and the dentist begins the procedure by injecting Botox into the muscles. Small needles are used for injecting the protein into the muscles. The effect of the treatment starts to show in seven to 14 days. The signals sent from the nerves to the muscles are blocked by the protein, making the wrinkles relax and soften.

The patient is advised to sit upright for up to 4 hours after the botox treatment. They are also instructed to avoid exercising for 24 hours. The patient should avoid regressive rubbing of the area of treatment as it can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment by spreading the botox to another area. 

How Long Does Botox Last?

Each shot of Botox treatment can provide effects that last for three to six months. The wrinkles and fine lines return after the effect of the Botox wears off from the muscles. The muscles tend to shrink over time, which is also a cause of the reappearance of lines and wrinkles. The patient can get a subsequent Botox treatment after consultation with the dentist. 

Amaya Dental, located in  Miami, FL, has modern technologies that aid the best treatment for the patients. Call at (305) 264-2711 and book an appointment with the dentistry for more information about botox and other dental treatments. 


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