KoR Whitening

KoR Whitening

KoR Whitening in Miami, FL, 33126 and PembrokePines, FL, 33024

Everyone loves a glowing white smile. Many of us have tried some form of over-the-counter whitening or a professional whitening system in our lives and may have landed to less-than-satisfactory results. Amaya Dental in Miami, FL, 33126 is pleased to present the latest, most innovative, and efficient whitening method: KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System. 

What Sets KoR Whitening Apart?

KoR whitening system involves in-office whitening and custom-fabricated teeth whitening trays, giving you more control over the results. Although everyone's teeth staining causes are unique, everyone will show excellent results with the correct KoR whitening system!
  • The KoR whitening system works by improving your teeth' ability to take in oxygen. The oxygen emitted by the whitening gel is absorbed in the dental structure, causing it to dissolve and taking away the stain-causing molecules.
  • KoR-Seal's whitening trays are lightweight, and you don't even feel like they're inside your mouth! These trays seal the whitening gel in the tray, thus stopping it from getting into your mouth.
  • In contrast to other methods of whitening that require routine maintenance at home, KoR Whitening allows you to stay carefree. Now you can have your tea, coffee or red wine, without any hesitation.
  • You can lighten your teeth by 16 shades, or even more, using KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System. 
  • It is an effective bleaching system that is continuously refrigerated from its creation until it is used at our dental practice in Miami, FL, 33126. It ensures the highest quality and freshness.
  • It is the only known system worldwide to remove tetracycline staining from teeth that were previously considered impossible to get rid of.
  • KoR Whitening is gentle and completely safe for your gums and teeth, and you will not experience tooth sensitivity. KoR utilizes a desensitizing liquid that is applied to the teeth before bleaching. It works significantly in eliminating the sensitivity caused by the whitening procedure.

How Does The KoR Whitening System Work?

At Amaya Dental in Miami, FL, 33126, our dentists will assist you in determining which degree of KoR Whitening is suitable for you. Your teeth' molds will be created to build your personal ultra-comfortable KoR-Seal teeth whitening trays. These custom-designed whitening trays are constructed from the most advanced impression of your teeth or digital scans. The KoR laboratory then manufactures the trays and then delivers them via temperature-controlled delivery for our Amaya Dental practice in PembrokePines, FL, 33024. 
You can wear the KoR Seal tray at home for two weeks while resting. However, the KoR level you choose may require one or two quick whitening sessions within our dental practice in PembrokePines, FL, 33024.
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