Why do dentists highly recommend dental implants?

Why do dentists highly recommend dental implants?

Posted by AMAYA DENTAL on Dec 23 2020, 10:33 PM

Whenever a patient seeks a dentist's help to get a severely damaged or decayed tooth extracted, they would also be considering options to get the extracted tooth replaced. When it comes to tooth restoration, dentists would always turn towards dental implants as the first suggestion, owing to their advantages and their supremacy over the alternatives.

Let's analyze the features that make implants highly desired in the world of dentistry. Here is a brief read that ought to give you a better idea about what implants are and how you could enjoy their benefits:

High stability: Implantscomprise a titanium implant stud and a ceramic crown, replacing the tooth root and crown, respectively. Titanium is undoubtedly one of the strongest and hardest metals. This keeps the implant strong and resistant to damage, such as breaking, bending, or twisting. Also, there is a connecting element called the abutment, which allows the dentist to fix the crown firmly to the implant.

High strength: Dental implantsare the strongest prosthetic replacement teeth - many times stronger than dental bridges and dentures. Dental grade ceramic used to make the crown would not sustain damage when you carry out your routine oral functions. Though the crown is resistant to damage, it is advisable to avoid biting hard foods, opening bottle caps or plastic bags using the teeth, and other unhealthy oral habits.

High durability:The ceramic crown displays high resistance to wear. With regular oral functions like biting and chewing food, it may wear only as much like the enamel, which is quite negligible. With proper care, the implant would upwards of 15 years.

Stain-resistant: The implant crown doesn't stain easily. This is due to the smooth surface finish of the crown that is devoid of minute pores that could retain coloring particles. With optimum oral cleaning (brushing and flossing), the implant would retain its color for a long time.

Excellent aesthetics: When an implant has replaced your natural tooth, anyone who looks at you, talk, or smile wouldn't have the faintest idea that it is a prosthetic tooth. The visual similarity between a dental implant and a natural tooth is simply unmatchable. It can be customized to match your adjoining natural teeth' exact color, contour, translucency, and texture.

Functionality:When a natural tooth is extracted, the way you bite and chew food, speak, smile, etc., will vary significantly. This can lead to complications like excessive wear of teeth, malocclusion, jawbone shrinkage, deterioration, etc. With an implant restoring the removed tooth, the biting and chewing ability will be fixed entirely. Also, the phonetics would be back to normal. What's more impressive is that jawbone health would improve with a dental implant. The grooves of the implant hold the jawbone intact and prevent shrinkage or deterioration, thus helping you retain optimum jawbone volume.

Support: Implant roots can also be used to support crowns, dentures, and bridges and hold them firmly in position. They provide excellent strength and stability to them.

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