4 Benefits of a Bilingual Dental Office

Regular dentist visits are crucial for maintaining good oral health. But, while many people postpone getting the treatment they need because of their anxiety, others do it because they have a difficult time communicating with the dentist. About 13% of people in the U.S. speak Spanish and the numbers are expected to grow. And, more than 21% of the US population speaks another language than English at home. 

We live in a multicultural world and it makes sense to offer our services in other languages too, not just English. At Amaya Dental, we understand this very well, which is why we offer our services both in English and Spanish. We do it because we are aware of the benefits this approach can bring to our patients. 

1. Better Accessibility to Good Dental Care

When you can't understand your doctor, you feel lost in the process. You can't understand the terms of the medical process and agree or disagree with them. It becomes increasingly difficult for the dentist to explain the procedure and let the patient know what they can expect. 

Bilingual dental offices make it easier for people who don't have English as their primary language to access quality dental care. 

2. Encouraging Diversity 

People who don't speak English as their primary language may be more aware of their differences. They might feel anxious or even ashamed to go to the dentist since it's difficult for them to properly communicate with the dentist. 

A bilingual dental office shows patients that they will be in a safe environment that encourages and fosters diversity. 

3. The Patient Feels Safe and Comfortable During the Appointment 

Let's be honest. No one goes to the dentist with a smile on their face. We do it because we understand the necessity of the medical act and want to maintain our oral health. But, every appointment comes with a bit of uneasiness. Now, imagine you also have a hard time communicating with the dentist. That will definitely exacerbate your anxiety.

A bilingual dental office can help patients feel more relaxed and comfortable during the appointment. 

4. Encourage More People to Get Dental Care

People already give themselves plenty of reasons to avoid seeing the dentist - they are afraid, it's not that urgent, it's not a big problem, and so on. Not being able to understand and communicate with your dentist only adds to the list of excuses. 

Knowing your dental practice is bilingual can encourage people to overcome their fears and get the treatment they need. 

Looking for a Bilingual Dental Office in Miami or Pembroke Pines? Contact Amaya Dental Today

At Amaya Dental, we offer our services in both English and Spanish. 

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