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We Enjoy Growing Through Education

What’s so special about Amaya Dental? Our Pembroke Pines dentists have a shared passion for continuing education, and we don’t solely rely on our dental school education in the work we do everyday. All of our team members are motivated and inspired by continuing education courses, and remaining fresh and up to date with the latest technology and techniques for procedures. At our office you can always count on modern service offerings and customization for each and every patient. One size fits all is not a part of our repertoire!

Dr. Amaya’s Tips For Signs Of An Infection

Tooth pain is not to be ignored. If you’re experiencing tenderness when chewing or biting, you could have an infected tooth. Another sign of infection is any sort of discharge coming out of the tooth or swelling and redness. If you notice a tooth becomes discolored, this could be a sign you’re in need of a root canal. 

Frankly speaking, there aren’t a ton of dentists near me that specialize in performing root canals or endodontic procedures. Dr. Amaya takes great care in performing root canals and is motivated to get you out of pain and in a comfortable and healthy place with your tooth. If you have any pain — don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.

What’s So Great About A Same Day Crown?

If you’ve never had a crown, you may not know why having one done start to finish in one day is such a feat! We use CEREC technology in order to create and place your crown digitally the same day we perform your procedure. There are no messy impressions or guesswork with ensuring the fit with the rest of your teeth. This precision technology allows for an exact rendering and a comfortable crown that lasts. You can skip dealing with an ill-fitting temporary crown and won't need to worry about it breaking while we wait for a permanent one to be made in a lab. Get in touch with our team to find out more about this amazing advancement in dental technology!

Amaya Dental’s Promise To Patients

At Amaya Dental, we aim to set the standard for dental care. Through continuing education, investment in efficient technology that makes oral care easier for our patients, and an emphasis on customer service, we never settle for less than exceptional. We care about educating our patients and treating them as if they were our family members. Your health and wellness is our highest priority. Once you have an appointment at Amaya, you will be a patient for life!

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