Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Miami FL

Dental emergencies can be in many forms ranging from severe tooth pain to bleeding gums. Here are some of the dental issues that require emergency treatment:

  • Severe toothache
  • Trauma to the oral cavity including jaw, tooth, or gums
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Severe pain on chewing
  • Gum bleeds that are excessive

No matter what the dental emergency is, getting the attention of a dental professional within 12 hours is very important. At Amaya Dental, we specialize in preserving the original teeth and aesthetics using the most sophisticated equipment, techniques, and skills.


Long-term experience in treating all types of dental situations.

Amaya Dental has the most comprehensive emergency dental services in Miami. Our highly skilled dental experts are fully geared up to meet any dental emergency you or your loved one may have. We excel at putting you at ease immediately on your arrival in the relaxed and comfortable ambiance and the calm confidence that our doctors exude.


The most knowledgeable and experienced cosmetic dentists in the field.

Amaya Dental is fully equipped with the latest technology be it same-day CEREC, digital radiography, CT, and digital imaging. This allows us to address any dental emergencies immediately, including same-day crowns, should a new tooth be needed on an emergency basis. Quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment from our highly reputed dental professionals make all the difference in a dental emergency. Our aim is to preserve full functionality and aesthetics to restore your smile in no time.

Amaya Dental is committed to offering the best in emergency dental care. To learn more about any of our procedures, or to schedule your emergency dental appointment, please give us a call now and one of our office staff will be more than happy to take care of you.


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