Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Amaya Dental, Miami, FL, 33126 and PembrokePines, FL, 33024 

Laser dentistry was first introduced in 1960, and it has been around all over the world ever since. This treatment offers a high level of precision and accuracy. You can walk into our dental clinic in Miami, FL, 33126, and expect a pain-free laser dentistry procedure to treat your dental concern.

What is Laser Dentistry? 

As the name suggests, laser dentistry uses laser technology that emits a thin and concentrated ray of energy. Each wavelength of the light creates its individual thermal output. Our dentist at Pembroke Pines, FL, 33024, then predicts how this laser will react with certain tissues. 
Some wavelengths are more conducive in terms of performing various procedures. For instance, there are lasers for hard organic materials as well as soft tissue surgery. 

What are the Uses of Laser Dentistry? 

You will see different uses of laser dentistry at our clinic in Miami, FL, 33126, as it happens to be an effective method for removing tissue from your wisdom teeth, reshaping your gum tissue, reshaping your bone, or removing it. Laser dentistry is also used for removing tissues that intrude with your tongue movement, eliminating the discomfort caused as a result of sore throats, and repairing worn-out dental fillings. 

What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

According to our dentist, the best benefit of laser dentistry is that you don’t have to experience drilling or anesthetic during the procedure. As both these methods are not used, it reduces and controls bleeding from your teeth and gum to a great extent. Laser dentistry also reduces healing time. 
Another benefit of opting for a laser dentistry procedure in Pembroke Pines, FL, 33024, is that it reduces the exposure of bacteria into your mouth. It is because the laser sterilizes the area, thereby cutting the possibilities of infection. As a result, laser technology is effectively used in treating gum diseases. 

How Does Laser Dentistry Work? 

All kinds of lasers work on the common concept of delivering energy in the form of light. When we use laser technology for dental and surgical procedures, the laser works as a vaporizer of tissue or a cutting instrument. The use of laser dentistry is also prevalent in teeth whitening procedures, where it acts as a source of heat and improves the effectiveness of teeth-bleaching agents. The less-invasive approach of laser dentistry causes no pain, whatever be the procedure. For this reason, laser dentistry is also touted as a safe procedure and can be carried out on children as well.
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