Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Miami FL

Oral surgery is a broad word that refers to any surgical operation performed in or around the mouth or jaw, usually by a dentist who has been trained in specific sorts of oral treatments. Oral surgery encompasses a variety of operations, including tooth extraction and root canal therapy.

Types of Oral Surgeries Offered by Amaya Dental

Here is a list of the most popular oral surgery treatments- dental and jaw operations provided by Amaya dental.

Oral Trauma

Facial injuries and facial skeleton fractures often necessitate prompt surgical intervention. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Miami, FL, have specific training and collaborate closely with trauma specialists to treat and repair injuries to the mouth, jaws, facial bones, and skull.

Facial fracture

The nerves and muscles that control sensations, expressions, and eye movements are located near the bones of your face. 

Near the facial bones, the muscles and nerves are placed. The face is near the brain and neurological system (CNS). Depending on the nature and location of the fracture, Fractures may cause injury to cranial nerves. Fractures of the orbit (eye socket) might result in visual difficulties.

Implant Placement

Replacing lost or damaged teeth with prosthetics that function and look almost similar to natural ones is what dental implant surgery involves. 

Tooth roots are replaced with screw-like posts in dental implant surgery, and artificial teeth are placed to function and appear almost similar to natural teeth.

Bone Graft

If your jawbone is insufficiently thick or too soft, you may need bone grafting before dental implant surgery. That is because your mouth's vigorous chewing motion puts a considerable deal of strain on your bone, and if it is unable to sustain the implant, the surgery will almost certainly fail. Implant stability may be improved with an additional graft of bone.

Gum Graft

Gum surgery may seem more frightening than it is. Do not worry if your dentist or gum doctor (periodontist) has lately informed you that you need a gum graft. 

A gum graft may be essential to preserve your teeth from the detrimental consequences of gum recession, or you may want to have one performed to enhance the look of your smile.

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