Preventative Care

Preventative Care in Miami FL

    Prevention is better than cure, right? It goes the same for dental care too. Proper diagnosis and treatment at the right time can help you avoid dental issues in the future. That's where preventive dental care comes to your help. At Amaya dental care, we provide a variety of preventive dental treatment options.

    What is Preventive Dental Care?

    As the term implies, preventive dentistry refers to any action to prevent oral health problems. Preventive dentistry often focuses on keeping the teeth, gums, and mouth as healthy as possible to avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and other complications.

    Why is Preventive Dental Care Critical?

    Being proactive in this area of dental care is critical for various reasons. To begin, it is far less costly than restorative dentistry (e.g., fillings, crowns, implants, etc.). Additionally, a regular cleaning session (preventive dentistry) is substantially less expensive than even filling a little cavity, even if you lack dental insurance. 

    Comprehensive Preventive Dental Care at Amaya Dental 

    Professional Dental Cleaning 

    While daily brushing and flossing are necessary for proper oral health, professional dental cleaning is the most effective method for removing plaque and tartar accumulation. 

    Plaque becomes trapped between teeth and gums, making it difficult to eliminate with brushing alone. Dentists use specialized instruments to remove plaque from behind the gums and between the teeth.

    Comprehensive Oral Examination

    Dentists use various equipment to examine your mouth health in great detail. It will be simple to discover any early symptoms of cavities, gum disease, and other disorders that need quick treatment through an oral exam.

    Diagnostic Testing 

    If your dentist suspects an issue with your oral health, they will conduct diagnostic tests such as X-rays to ascertain the severity of the condition. Additionally, they will utilize this information to develop the most effective treatment strategy for you.

    Oral hygiene Education 

    Each person must be taught the proper cleaning and flossing of their teeth. Not only that but they must be performed daily to function efficiently. Additionally, dentists may offer other oral care practices based on the patient's present state.

    Who is the Right Candidate for Preventive Dental Care?

    Every single one does! Preventive dental treatment, which may begin in infancy and continue into late age, can provide several benefits that save patients time, money, and suffering. 

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